Mega Mini Monster Mash Gallery


Happy Halloween!

Fan Alley is back at it again, this time teaming up with Marissa Suto of HumAlong Productions to bring you the MEGA MINI MONSTER MASH GALLERY!

This is the LAST Artist Lodge event of the year, so if you haven’t attended one yet, please make sure you come out to this one!

The MEGA MINI MONSTER MASH is a gallery that will be comprised of Halloween art, featuring themes like Day of the Dead, Hollywood monsters, and folk-lore creatures.

Participating Gallery Artists:
– Alexis Melvin
(@her_drawings) (Her Drawings)

– Alisa Ogura
(@red_bean_art) (Red Bean Art- Alisa Ogura’s Creative Designs)

– Andrea Von DrakenStein

– Barbara Malley

– Bonnie Stewart
(@huggablekoi) (Huggable Koi)

– Catherine Segura
(@opaleaf) (Opaleaf Illustration)

– Christine Knopp
(@kikidoodling) (Kikidoodle: The Art of Christine Knopp)

– Cindy Duong
(@sakuradragon) (Sakuradragon)

– Clark Silva
(@artofclarksilva) (The Art of Clark Silva)

– Cyndi Wojciechowski
(@cyndi_draws) (The Art of Cyndi Wojciechowski)

– Danny Paz

– Danny Doublin

– Diane McAmis

– Emma Reveles
(@erreveles) (Art by Emma Reveles)

– Eva Sowinski
(@critterosity) (Critterosity)

– Grace Alba Le
(@heyitsgrace608) (Hey It’s Grace)

– Halie Kneeland

– Hayden Evans
(@haydenevansart) (Hayden Evans Art)

– Joan Diwa
(@machochick) (Machochick Art)

– Johnell Hipol

– Kaitlin Reliford

– Kat Hinckley
(@blackkatcreates) (Black Kat Creations)

– Kelley Frisby
(@kellsworthink) (Kellsworth Ink – Illustration and Design)

– Kim Nguyen
(@kimposed) (Kimposed)

– Kirsten Kneeland
(@doodlelust) (Kirsten Kneeland (Artist))

– Lauren Chaikin

– Lillian Martinez

– Maggie Wyman

– Maira Ocampo

– Marissa Suto
(@humalongmarissa) (HumAlong Productions)

– Mary Kinsora
(@hammyhaus) (Hammyhaus)

– Matt Forristal
(@gashlytentacles) (Gashly Tentacles Monster Adoption Society)

– Max Alley

– Mia Fenton

– Michelle Prebich
(@batinyourbelfry) (Bat in Your Belfry)

– Monster Basement

– Natasha Becerra

– Nik Castaneda

– Paola Olivares
(@artofpaolaolivares) (Art of PAO)

– Peter Paul
(@adventuresofp2) (adventuresofp2)

– Raven Cruz
(@revengelover) (RevengeLover)

– Rosie Murillo
(@lilrosieart) (Lilrosieart)

– Serena Hu

– Shane Gibbons

– Shannon Lynch

– Tim Beard

– Tobias Gebhardt
( (Art By Tobias)

– Vincenzo Savastano
(@graveheartsdesign) (Gravehearts Design)

This is a family friendly event, and all ages are welcome!

Just like the previous Artist Lodge events that you’ve come to know and love, this night will feature free parking and entry, multiple artists and creators selling their work, a large gallery of original work, and a raffle.

Cash is king as some vendors may not be able to accept cards.

Refreshments will be provided while supplies last.
Food will also be available for sell from the wonderful Waffle-icious Food Truck!


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
– No ID required! No tickets required! This is a family friendly event, and all ages are welcome! Just please respect the art and the artists.

What can I bring into the event?
– Anything you like within reason. Many of our guests enjoy bringing their sketchbooks and art tools and having artists doodle in them, or just sketching from life. If you have any art by the participating artists and they’re attending the event, you’re welcome to bring them for the artist to sign. PLEASE BRING CASH if you intend to make purchases. We’ll also only be taking cash for our raffle tickets.

Dress policy?
– Again, anything within reason. It’s completely casual. It’s also Halloween time! Feel free to cosplay 🙂 Just please respect those around you (it is an all ages, family friendly event) and the artists and don’t bring any large props that may bump into tables or displays.

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