ARTIST INTERVIEW: Alyson Chung of Booty Farm

IMG_8881 - Alyson Chung Hello everybody! Today we’re super happy to start introducing you to some of the creatives and artists that will be vending at the Holiday Artist Lodge and participating in the Ornamental Oddities gallery on December 9th! Below you will be able to find a brief interview for the talented artist and booty enthusiast Alyson Chung!

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  • How old are you?
    •  25 years old
  • What is the primary medium you work in?
    • Design & sewing
  • What is your favorite medium to work in?
    • Design
  • What is your favorite subject matter?
    • Creating booty!
  • What art tools do you use, and do you have any tools or brands that you recommend?
    • My work consists of lots of fabric and sewing and goofy imagination.
  • How and when did you start creating artworks?
    • I started working on Booty Farm at the end of 2016, and I launched it spring 2017. I loved to draw cartoons as a kid for fun.
  • If you could create anything in the world, what would you create?
    • More animal butts! And world peace.
  • What is your ultimate goal as an artist?
    • To amuse people. 😀
  • Have you ever vended at the Artist Lodge before?
    • Nope.
  • What will you be bringing to the Artist Lodge? Any exclusives?
    • I’ll be bringing pillows shaped as different animal butts.
  • Where can readers find your work?
    •, conventions, events, and pop-ups.



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