2018 Artist Lodge Information

Hi everybody!

We are thrilled to let you know that we are ready to announce our 2018 Artist Lodge dates! The dates are listed below, as well as the themes of the galleries that will be displayed that evening.

You can find the application to vend at these shows below in the contracts section of this post. Please note that this contract is not an automatic acceptance into the show. We use these contracts/applications to hand-pick artists for each show. If you have a specific show you are interested in vending at, please feel free to contact Marissa Suto, the Artist Lodge Creative Curator at shopfanalley@gmail.com. Your request will be noted, but you may be selected for an alternate show.

All information concerning the shows is listed below. The last two shows of the year are tentative dates until we get further approval from the venue in the future. All shows will take place at the Art Institute of Orange County, at 3601 W. Sunflower Ave, Santa Ana, 92704. Please note that these events are put on by Fan*Alley, simply using the school as a venue. The school does not run these events.


The Artist Lodge vendor application/contract has been updated for the 2018 year. If you have previously applied to be an Artist Lodge vendor, you DO NOT have to resubmit your contract. However, we do highly advise that you go back and read through to familiarize yourself with these new changes. The major change is that this application will now act as your contract should you be accepted as a vendor.

If you are a new artist that has never applied before, please use the link below and read through the contract before applying. If you have any questions after reading the contract, you can email them to the bolded contact listed at the beginning of this post.

Please note, that while this application is also a contract, you are not accepted as a vendor by simply filling it out and submitting it. We will use these application/contracts to hand-pick the vendors that we feel would fit in best with each show and theme.

You can find the Artist Lodge Vendor Application HERE.


Saturday, March 3rd
5 – 9:30pm
Artist Lodge
Pixar Tribute Art Gallery

Saturday, May 5th
5 – 9:30pm
Artist Lodge
Marvel Tribute Art Gallery

Saturday, September 29th
(Tentative Date)
5 – 9:30pm
Halloween Artist Lodge
Tim Burton & LAIKA Tribute Art Gallery
Candy Weil Solo Gallery

Saturday, December 1st
(Tentative Date)
5 – 9:30pm
Holiday Artists Lodge
2nd Annual Ornamental Oddities


If you would like to apply to participate in any of the above art galleries, please contact Marissa Suto at marissa@humalongprod.com and include links to your previous works or online portfolios. All art shows are juried and all artists need to be approved before being accepted into a gallery. You may apply for more than one show.


  1. If I apply, am I automatically accepted as a vendor?

– No. The application to vend is simply so we can add you and your information to a list so that we can hand pick artists that we feel will fit in best with our events.

  1. Can I join the gallery and be a vendor?

– Yes! If you’re accepted as a vendor, you’re welcome to participate in the gallery as long as you sign up and are accepted within the gallery deadlines. Watch our Instagram and Facebook page for upcoming gallery announcements and open artist calls.

  1. If I sign up for the gallery, am I automatically accepted as a vendor?

– No. If you sign up and are accepted for the gallery, you will only be participating in the gallery. You will not be provided a table to sell anything outside of the artwork submitted to the gallery.

– You also are not automatically accepted as a gallery artist if you have been accepted as a vendor. You must apply to the gallery before the deadline.

  1. Does Fan*Alley take a percentage of the sales?

– No! Vendors pay an entry fee that reserves their space (and a table if necessary), but other than that you keep everything you make at the events.

– Gallery artists pay an entry fee, and the gallery keeps a 30% commission of sales that occur in the gallery that evening.

  1. How much does it cost to be a vendor?

– Booth spaces are $20-35 depending on location and whether or not you rent a table.

  1. Does it make a difference if I’m an Art Institute Student or alum?

– If you’re an AI student or alum you can participate in these events for free. Spots for students are very limited. Please contact Layal Idriss at layalidriss@gmail.com to coordinate your spot. If spots are filled, you still may apply for the opportunity to vend through Fan*Alley.

  1. Can I share a table with a friend?

– Yes! Outdoor vendors can share with up to two people, indoor vendors with one other person. All participants must fill out the application and be individually accepted into the show. AI students and alum that have applied and been approved through Layal may share their table with other AI students and alum that have also been approved by Layal.

  1. What do I need to vend outside?

– A 10×10’ canopy, table (if you’re not renting), chairs, lights, and extension cords.

– We also recommend that you invest in canopy weights and detachable canopy walls in case of wind or inclement weather. Artist Lodge events will occur rain or shine.

  1. What do I need to vend inside?

– The Art Institute allows us to use their tables and chairs for free. Their tables are approximately 2.5′ x 6′. If you don’t want to use this table, you will need to bring a 6ft (or smaller) table, chairs, and extension cords if you need electricity.

  1. Do I need a card reader to vend?

– We can’t force you to take cards at your booth, but we highly recommend that you have a card reader of some sort. More payment options mean more sales, and one of the most asked questions from customers is “do you take card.”

  1. Do I need a business permit to vend?

– We will not be checking for business or seller’s permits, however, as an artist trying to professionally sell their work (and we do run our events as professionally as we can), we highly recommend that you have a permit. Should you choose to move on from the Artist Lodge to bigger events like conventions or craft fairs, you will be required to have a permit.

  1. What kind of work sells?

– There is no possible way for us to tell you what can sell. It all depends on your style, your talent, your technique, your subject, and your audience. I guarantee that if you create something you love, there will be somebody out there somewhere that also loves it. Create art for you, don’t just create art because you think it will sell.

– Fan art is obviously popular, but it must be created by YOU and in your own style. Anybody found to be directly copying or stealing work from another creator will be asked to leave and blacklisted from any future Fan*Alley events.

– All of our events are family friendly, and your art needs to also be family-friendly. If you have some artwork that is rated 18+ you can bring it and keep it in a box out of reach of younger attendees. If all of your work is rated 18+, we unfortunately won’t be able to accommodate you as a vendor.

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