Our second featured artist is non other than TIM ALVAREZ of BARD’S GLASS!

You may recognize Tim as a vendor and gallery artist at previous Artist Lodge events. He’s previously participated in our Pixar Tribute Gallery, our Marvel Tribute gallery, and our Ornamental Oddities Gallery.

How old are you?

What is the primary medium you work in?
Stained Glass

What is your favorite medium to work in?
Stained Glass

What is your favorite subject matter?
Anything that could be considered nerdy.

What art tools do you use, and do you have any tools or brands that you recommend?
Glass cutter, glass grinder, soldering iron, and a bunch of small hand tools.

What sources would you recommend for artists that are interested in pursuing your art medium?
Find a local glass shop that has classes.

How and when did you start creating artwork?
I needed a creative outlet and stained glass always sounded interesting to me. I took a class in July 2017 and I fell in love immediately.

Did you go to school for art?

If you could create anything in the world, what would you create?
I always wanted to make an art piece that traveled around and other artists would add to it.

What is your ultimate goal as an artist?
I’d love to make a piece that would hang in Disneyland.

Can you tell us a bit about what you’re working on for this show?
I’m working on three of my favorite Jim Henson characters.

What is your favorite Jim Henson film/project/book/etc? 
The Muppets.

If you could live in any Jim Henson universe, what would it be? 
The Muppets by far. I would even consider being a muppet myself.

Who is your favorite Jim Henson character? Why? 
Kermit the Frog. It may not be an original answer, but he was such a hero to me as a kid.

Who would win in a battle, Jareth and his Goblin Army or The Muppets? 
I love the Muppets, but they are a peaceful group. Although Miss Piggy could give Jareth a run for his money.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I’m always looking for new ideas to make so send your ideas my way!


*Please note that all artwork is reposted with permission from the artists. Please do not use, alter, or repost the artwork without direct permission from the artists. Each artist may have a different Creative Commons license on their work/images and you will need to contact them directly in order to obtain permission for your uses.

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