Our next featured artist is the talented Grace Alba Le. You may recognize Grace as a regular gallery artist and vendor at our events. Grace is also the amazing designer that created our Artist Lodge logo!

How old are you?

What is the primary medium you work in?
Digital. Mainly Procreate these days.

What is your favorite medium to work in?
Nothing beats the feel of pencil on paper.

What is your favorite subject matter?
My aesthetic leans towards feminine motifs and simple clean lines. I also have a penchant for anything small, round, and cute.

What art tools do you use, and do you have any tools or brands that you recommend?
For digital pieces, Procreate is my industry standard. I can’t deny the powerhouse that is Adobe Photoshop though, because that’s how I started with digital painting way back when. As far as traditional media… It’s back to basics with pencil on paper. I’m growing to love watercolors and gouache as well, but it’s a tricky medium to work with if you’re not used to the speed of drying times. I use Pentel no-photo blue lead because it doesn’t smudge as easily as graphite. I also love Acryla gouache and the tried and true Winsor & Newton brands for paint. And my go-to sketchbook is the Canson all-media.

What sources would you recommend for artists that are interested in pursuing your art medium?
There is an AMAZING array of tutorials readily available on YouTube. I suggest looking at your roster of favorite artists, and see if they have any videos or tutorials. There is also Schoolism, Skillshare, as well as Procreate and Adobe that provide educational videos ranging from traditional illustration, storyboarding, photo manipulation and more! A few people I follow are Lois Van Baarle (aka @loisvb), Ross Tran (@rossdraws), & Joy Ang (@joyjoyang) for illustration, Lauren Hom (@homsweethom) for lettering, and Jessica Hische (@jessicahische) for type design, just to name a few.

How and when did you start creating artwork?
I was always drawing as a child, but I would say I didn’t really pursue an artistic or creative career until I reached college. I became entrenched in anything and everything to do with visual art and haven’t really stopped since then.Did you go to school for art?Yes. I attended California State University, Fullerton for Illustration and Graphic Design.

If you could create anything in the world, what would you create?
I would LOVE to create a stationery line. No matter how much digital media I consume and utilize day to day, I can’t deny my devotion to a beautifully designed notebook with silky smooth paper.

What is your ultimate goal as an artist?
I would just love to be able to create artwork (whatever form that may take, illustration, comics, paintings, designed tangible objects) and be able to support myself and my family as time progresses.

Can you tell us a bit about what you’re working on for this show? 
Like many people, Jim Henson entered my consciousness through the Muppets. I remember being delighted, fascinated, and entranced watching the Muppet Babies on TV. And I also (in hindsight) learned so many things about life from watching Sesame Street. I’d like to rekindle those same feelings of nostalgia, warmth, and affection for these characters through my illustrations.

What is your favorite Jim Henson film/project/book/etc? 
Sesame Street! It will forever hold a special place in my heart.

If you could live in any Jim Henson universe, what would it be? 
I think I would like to live in the Muppet Babies universe. Simpler times full of imagination, fantasy, and friendships.

Who is your favorite Jim Henson character? Why? 
I’m not sure I can pick just one favorite… But I think Oscar the Grouch has grown to be the most relatable for me. (LOL… Is that too much information?)

Who would win in a battle, Jareth and his Goblin Army or The Muppets? 
Muppets for sure! Miss Piggy is not to be messed with.


*Please note that all artwork is reposted with permission from the artists. Please do not use, alter, or repost the artwork without direct permission from the artists. Each artist may have a different Creative Commons license on their work/images and you will need to contact them directly in order to obtain permission for your uses.

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