How old are you?

What is the primary medium you work in?

What is your favorite medium to work in?
Digital, but I also like oil paints.

What is your favorite subject matter?
Cute spooky things, memento mori, Catholicism, and FROGS BABY!

What art tools do you use, and do you have any tools or brands that you recommend?
I’m currently obsessed with procreate. I fuel myself with hot chocolate to get work done.

How and when did you start creating artwork?
I remember coloring in the lines of my Dad’s copy of Weiner Dog Art by Gary Larson (I had to sit in time out), but it lit a fire in my belly to draw comics at the tender age of 6.

If you could give any advice to your past-artist-self, what would it be?
Study perspective more and draw things that are hard to draw.

If you could create anything in the world, what would you create?
Bullet train rail way in the United States.

What is your ultimate goal as an artist?
I would like to be a house-name children’s author.

Are you ready for the Halloween season? Is it your favorite holiday? 
Halloween is my favorite holiday ever and I am at my most favorite powerful during that time.

What do you love most about The Haunted Mansion? 
The ambience! I love horror but I prefer things to be on the kid-friendly spookier side.

Who is your favorite Grim Grinning Ghost/room at the Mansion? 
The portrait room that lowers you into the line for the doom buggy’s.

The 2003 Haunted Mansion film with Eddie Murphy, yay or nay? 
Adult me says nay, but 13 year old me who saw it originally says yay.

Which is better and why: the traditional Haunted Mansion, or Haunted Mansion Holiday? 
OG Baby!!!!

Would you like to share any stories/experiences/special memories that revolve around The Haunted Mansion? 
I was very young when I road the Haunted Mansion for the first time: the heads popping up out of the tombs in the Graveyard Garden traumatized me for a long time.

Would you take a hitchhiking ghost home? 

Have you participated in the Artist Lodge Gallery before?
Nope, I’m excited to be participating for the first time.

Where can readers find your work? 
At http://www.haileymclaughlin, on IG @haileytjmclaughlin or on Twitter @haileytjmclaug


*Please note that all artwork is reposted with permission from the artists. Please do not use, alter, or repost the artwork without direct permission from the artists. Each artist may have a different Creative Commons license on their work/images and you will need to contact them directly in order to obtain permission for your uses.

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