How old are you?

What is the primary medium you work in?
I primarily work in gouache, but I also work in digital.

What is your favorite medium to work in?
Right now? Digital. It’s a lot less messy to clean up.

What is your favorite subject matter?
Pin ups. No wait, monsters. Both? Pin up monsters? How about that?

What art tools do you use, and do you have any tools or brands that you recommend?
When working in traditional mediums, I’m a sucker for Trekell brushes and Turner acryl gouache paint. Holbein is the holy grail, but it’s cost prohibitive and Turner is the best cost-effective brand I’ve ever used.

What sources would you recommend for artists that are interested in pursuing your art medium?
I recommend jumping on Youtube and doing a quick search. Acryl gouache is a tough medium that not a lot of classes focus on, but you can find creators that break down the steps in accessible ways.

How and when did you start creating artwork?
I’ve been creating since I was little, and I worked in the tattoo industry for twelve years. I started because my mom is also an artist, and it was a way for us to connect.

Who or what are your biggest artistic influences?
I really admire Ub Iwerks, Mary Blair, and a host of contemporary lowbrow artists, but my biggest influences remain classic cartoons and EC comic books.

What piece of art do you most closely identify with?
The Somnambulist by Becky Cloonan.

If you could give any advice to your past-artist-self, what would it be?
Just do it anyway. Email the person. Make the thing. Drink some water.

What is your absolute dream project? If you could create anything in the world, what would you create?
I’m still going to do that Tarot deck. One day.

What is your ultimate goal as an artist? Has this changed over your art career?
I just want to be able to continue to make the kind of work that I’m proud of, and I’m finally in a place where I feel like I’m accomplishing that.

What is your favorite plant and/or animal? 
I love roses. They have special meaning in our family, there’s a single bush that has been trimmed, transplanted, grown and re-grown for four generations and is still thriving today. We also would plant bushes to commemorate big events, like weddings, births and graduations.

Is nature something that you’re drawn to? 
Absolutely! I grew up in the middle of nowhere, so while I love the convenience of city life, there’s a magic that can only be found when you leave the urban environment.

Can you tell us about the pieces you created for this gallery? 
The seasons each seem to have their own personality, and these pieces are meant to personify them.

Are there any messages that you’re aiming to convey with the art you created for this gallery? 
I am hoping people see the beauty in how our world changes around us.

Would you like to share any stories/experiences/special memories that revolve around the theme of this gallery? 
I remember when I was really little, we lived at the bottom of the hill, and a culver had been built into the side to help prevent flooding. It ended up creating this tiny river surrounded by trees and fiddleheads that felt like a world apart–even though it was only 50 ft from our front door.

If you could invent any kind of plant or animal, what would it be/look like/what kind of environment would it thrive in? 
I personally think we need more carnivorous plants. Think Audrey II, but maybe less bent on global domination.

Have you participated in the Artist Lodge Gallery before? 
Yes, I’ve participated numerous times, including the Grim Grinning Ghost Gallery this past fall!


*Please note that all artwork is reposted with permission from the artists. Please do not use, alter, or repost the artwork without direct permission from the artists. Each artist may have a different Creative Commons license on their work/images and you will need to contact them directly in order to obtain permission for your uses.

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