About Fan*Alley:

Fan*Alley was opened by Eva Sowinski as a brick-and-mortar shop in Anaheim in the year 2015. It served as a haven for anybody looking for unique, quirky, or nerdy gifts and artwork created by local artists. In 2016, Eva decided to close down the shop, feeling that she wasn’t able to share the amazing art that surrounded her with others when she was stuck behind a store counter. She chose to take Fan*Alley on the road, and travels around Southern California creating pop-up art events that encourage people to interact with art, and to meet a variety of different artists and creators of all skill levels and walks of life. These pop-up events have a positive, family-friendly, artist alley vibe to them, without the price and the insane crowds of a comic convention.

In late 2017, Eva invited Marissa Suto (who started as a vendor) to curate the Artist Lodge events.

About Eva Sowinski:

I’m a small town girl who dreamt of creating art to make the world smile. I design characters that are based off of my love for monsters, animals and anything else that makes me giggle. When I am not making art, I enjoy face painting, curating artist pop up events, galleries and selling at shows. Follow me on my journey with art and see what new critters I will let my pencil discover.


About Marissa Suto:

I am predominately a relief printmaker, but I have experience using charcoal, graphite, digital sketching/painting, watercolors, oil paint, ceramics, and other forms of printmaking (intaglio, letterpress, lithography, woodcut, monotype, etc). I have big dreams of becoming a freelance artist, and a gallery owner. My art is quirky and has a dark humor to it, and it makes people give me weird looks. In my free time I enjoy reading, cooking, and experiencing any and all kinds of live and musical theatre.

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